User Experience Designer

17 January, 2016

2nd attempt-Got the layout right

After only a few hickups i managed to get the layout right. It has been about three years that I last coded but glad that I have not lost that skill. But i did not figure out how while i was actively trying to code but it happened over time while taking a nap and thinking random stuff, while making lunch, while in the shower and all kinds of mundane situations. Finally when i sat down today to continue building the page it all came together very easily with out much effort. This is mostly how my mind works. At any point of time there are N number of thoughts going on in parallel and sometimes they all come together when I need them and sometimes I dont even remember that some such thought ever came to my mind. Anyways, Looks like this thing is taking good shape slowly. This will encourage me to keep working on it and evolving.

15 January, 2016

First post

So finally i started working on my website after a long procastination of about five years may be in search of a perfect design. I am coding, I am designing everything on the go. A hardcore designer would spew curse on me saying "What the F# are you doing". I would have done the same if i had seen some one doing the same may be an year ago.

To be continued...